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Maker Faire Weekend 2

Maker Faire Weekend 2

Oct 22, 2023

(Photos published with permission of the parents and consent from the kids)

Holy cow, this whole trip has been an amazing ride. We have been so fortunate to have such great support from everyone, and they have made this all possible! We still have one day left here at Maker Faire, and we are guessing we have done somewhere north of 600+ kites over the 5 days so far. Still another busy day to come.

We have some incredible stories to share after we get a chance for a breather. Stories about how we were made aware of adaptations, artwork, and what it takes to be a kite maker/designer. Most of that we will publish in a blog post on our website, along with the recap video after on the youtube channel. For now you can find a lot of our photos and live videos on Facebook or Instagram.

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