Buy GrendelRage a coffee


I started playing around and making content for my boys. Not really for them, but because of them. Both of my kids love watching You Tube videos and both want to be You Tubers. Of course they have no idea of the work and effort that goes into such a thing, and really, neither did I. So I started up a You Tube, a Twitch, expanded my Twitter use. Then I started using Discord, Patreon, and here we are asking for coffee.

Both my boys could not be more different from each other. Naven, 7, is obsessed with drawing. Right now he is big into fan art of Cuphead and Diary of a Wimpy Kid. Octo, 8, is more into playing games and reviews. He can whoop my butt in Minecraft PVP and even more in Smash Bros. Even though he is better than me in a growing amount of games, I will not hesitate to run up the score in some Madden!

Any revenue from this or other source goes towards more creation. Let me give you a couple of examples. With our first Twitch payout we purchased a modestly priced video editing software. We used that to start uploading You Tube videos of gaming and some other ideas. The next thing we purchased was a small drawing pad for us to dip our feet into graphics and animation. If you have kids then you know that it is super fun and rewarding to watch them learn and try different things.