In the event of my untimely demise, I wanted to thank you for taking your time to read this. I am on day three of a sinus infection. Its gross just to say it. All that mucus, snot, mocos, buggers. Ugh, just gross. My oldest has missed the entire week of school with the same thing. His hit deep and got into the lungs and gave him this deep roar of a cough. It hit me Wednesday while I was still at work. A couple of sneezes and dry eyes but I was hoping it was related to some of the work they did in the building. Who knows, maybe that was the catalyst, but I pressed on anyways. Finished my day and went to the gym. Got a good lift in we did some chest, shoulders, gut, and legs. Didn’t go too heavy, but enough to be a little tight and sore the next day.

Went home and grabbed a quick bite to eat and talked with the family for a little before getting the boys ready for bed. Reading the book for my oldest is when it fully hit. My head felt warm, mouth was dry, throat was scratchy, and my Judas of a nose was stuffed with hatred. So, I did what every other person would do and started whining about it. The next step was to attack this thing with maximum effort. I made the decision to stop taking medicine unless absolutely necessary a few years ago. I have too many family members that take way too many pills in their older years because they self-medicated all their lives. Hoping to save some money in my later years by lowering my tolerance. But when I do get sick, which is rare, we go stones deep. Allegra (non-sponsored), Benadryl (non-sponsored), Fisherman’s Friend (non-sponsored), Emergen-C (non-sponsored), and lots of water (non-sponsored). I am like Joe Rogan taking on COVID. It’s one thing to have a runny nose, body aches, but the thing that puts me fully out of service is the headaches and border line migraines. Getting over the fact that my nightstand looks like a teenage boy’s with all the crumpled-up tissues is easy when you cannot open your eyes without pain. What the heck is going on inside our body where this is the built-in defense mechanism.

Oh, and guess what, wife also got hit with it! 75% of the house all down and fighting sinus problems. Meanwhile, the youngest, the one that was sick ALL OF THE TIME as a baby, unphased. Little dude is a trooper helping with little chores here and there and handling most of his own homework.

Finally starting to feel a little bit better after lots of naps and rest.  Here is something to think about for those of you without kids. No matter how sick you are, someone has to get the kids ready for school, bed, get the homework done, and walk the dog.  Its Saturday now and my wife is still down for the count. Fought through the dog walk and feeding the boys. How do you occupy your kids time when you are sick?