Buy FoxLand ~ a Terra da Raposa a builder or a tree


UPDATE 13/06 :

I have now reach 684€ of donations for FoxLand !! (320 here, 110 on Paypal, 170 in cash and 100 by bank transfer).

This will cover the material for plastering. As the plasters fairies are a bit to expensive for my budget, I plan to set up an plastering & dance camp this summer to move forward with flow and music ! More news coming soon. Thank you sooooo much for your support !!

UPDATE 27/03 : 
I also received 110€ on Paypal from 7 amazing gifters and 290€ here from 12 amazing supporters. So, so far : 400€ !! I am deeply deeply grateful ! The plaster fairies will start on the 6th of June... So we still need to manifest a bit more :)


Hello, my name is Anaïs. I am a dance facilitator, body & energy worker and poet, living in South Portugal with my two children. I have the vision and strong wish to co-create a dance community within a reforesting project.

My kids and I called it FoxLand ~ a Terra da Raposa !
For now, FoxLand is a 7 hectares land, in the middle of beautiful soft hilled landscape, that is quite abused by agriculture (over-grazing from sheeps and cows, extensive eucalyptus planting....).

My wish is to rewild and reforest part of the land and use the rest to sustain the community daily life of womyn (cis& queer) artists and their children (food forest, living spaces) and the projects (dance studio and healing space). 

So, I am currently renovating the barn of the land (100m2) to create a dance studio for the local area, to bring the work of local teachers and international teachers to Alentejo, and have a place to work daily on embodiement practices as a community.
Early june, the inside of the barn will be plastered by a team of wymen builders (who already plastered the outside amazingly !). I need to manifest 2000 euros for that...
Then we will start creating a wooden floor... or a clay floor, cheaper but harder to do...
And, then one day, we will need to change the roof !

On the reforestation and permacuture side, I have planted throughout this unusually dry winter about 80 local trees mostly coming from the tree-nursery of "eco-intervention", a local association that support reforestation in Alentejo + some fruit trees : almond, lemon, nesperas (loquat), kakis, medronheiros (strawberry trees) peach, prune, guava...

A neighbourg helped to trim the 10 young olives trees of the land (that have been a bit damaged by the goats and sheeps kept on the land before) and some of the old pear trees (there are many of them on the down part of the land).

Now we need a simple and efficient irrigation system before the summer as the sun and ocean wind are already drying out some young trees...

You will find more info about me and my work on my website :

And you can dance on my musical waves on :