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I'm a Spanish online teacher based in Edinburgh, I have been teaching Spanish for over 7 years and I love my face to face lessons, but I love the possibilities of the online world


It is Blanca, I am an online Spanish teacher passionate about spreading the Spanish language around the world, that is why besides my paid online courses I create free content on instagram and youtube, as I want to make Spanish language approachable to everyone.

I am here to help you reach your Spanish goals and to cheer you all the way along your Spanish learning journey :). Indeed, we can start with some free pronunciation challenge (check the links below and sign up for free:)) 

Now that we meet, would you buy me a coffee?

Matt (DayDreamsInMusic)
Matt (DayDreamsInMusic) bought 10 coffees.
Colin Bell
Colin Bell bought 2 coffees.

It's a nice sunny day in Scotland to have a takeaway coffee and a walk - and not too long before everyone can enjoy indoor cafes again too! Thanks for all the great content on this site.

Muchas gracias Colin. That is right, we need to enjoy the Scottish sun while it is out, so that is exactly what I am going to do, walk and coffee, and I will drink the coffee to your health 😊 Gracias ☕️ 

Someone bought a coffee.

Gracias por tus classes en instagram!

¡Muchas gracias! ☕️  Estoy muy contenta de que te gusten 😊 

Matt (DayDreamsInMusic)
Matt (DayDreamsInMusic) bought a coffee.
Matt (DayDreamsInMusic)
Matt (DayDreamsInMusic) bought 5 coffees.

¡Aprecio mucho su trabajo! ¡Es maravilloso! ❤️❤️❤️

¡Muchas gracias Matt! Me hace muy feliz que disfrutes y aprecies mi trabajo. Un abrazo (y que sepas que estoy bebiendo un café a tu salud ☕️ 😊 )