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Mark Coulthwaite
Mark Coulthwaite bought a coffee.

Thank you for all the sharing you do, of resources and ideas. 

Thank you! I’m glad the things I share can be of use. 

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Thank you for sharing your CPD journal Bex 

Really pleased it can be useful to others! Thanks for the coffee! 

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This is a really interesting podcast and I bought 'A quiet education' as a result.  Enjoying reading it so far! Thanks for your hard work. 

Thanks so much! 

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Really enjoying this podcast as a new trainee teacher. Incredibly useful way to consolidate understanding of education literature, in a format that brings the books and important educational issues to life. Thanks Bex!

Thank you so much, that’s incredibly generous and I’m so glad you’re enjoying the podcast. Looking forward to releasing the episode you feature on later! 

aurelie hill
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thank you for everything!

Thanks so much, I really appreciate it! Looking forward to the drive through Starbucks that is opening on my commute so I can make the most of this!