"#covid19 gives us a higher purpose much like being in space does because we are saving lives by quarantining" @astropeggy @Nasa 📺 @cncb

5 tips NASA astronauts use when living in ‘confinement’:

#Communication / #Leadership / #Selfcare / #Teamcare / #Groupliving


Effective communication is about more than just frequent Slack check-ins; you also have to “share information and feelings freely,” according to the NASA blog. That includes talking things through and admitting when there’s a misstep, as well as debriefing when something goes right. Good communicators are also effective listeners, which often means re-stating someone’s message to ensure they’re heard.

Leadership (and ‘followership’)

Trust and responsibility are the hallmarks of good leadership and followership, according to NASA. Those in leadership positions should “lead by example,” and provide resources, solutions, tasks and goals.

And team members can “actively contribute” to the leader’s plan too. For example, if you notice a kink in your telecommuting setup, you might suggest a solution to your manager instead of just pointing out the problems.


NASA’s definition of self-care is demonstrating your ability to be proactive and stay healthy. Are you getting enough sleep, practicing good hygiene and spending time on non-work activities that make you happy? Consider how your own habits are influencing your mood and stress levels, and how the rest of your team might be affected.

Team care

Remember that we’re all in this together. The best way to support your team is to be patient and respectful, according to NASA. Foster good relationships with your coworkers during this time and encourage team-building activities such as virtual “happy hour.” Offering to help others, especially on tasks that you know are a pain, can go a long way.

Group living

The final expeditionary behavior is all about building a “group culture,” by taking into account everyone’s “different opinions, cultures, perceptions, skills and personalities,” according to NASA. Rather than feeling competitive with your team members, strive to work together and stay positive. “Respect roles, responsibilities and workload,” according to NASA.


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