I feel it is so good to talk about what you want. Whether it be deeper conversations with friends that will hold you accountable or to random strangers that might somehow be able to make a connection towards that goal. If you talk about something you love, you're going to have someone's attention. There's love stories and poems written purely on the subject. You glow.

For me, I have been given a very rare opportunity to get my goals shaken to the surface in the form of the things that are purposeful. It was a whole experience that I will write on later. That being said, I would always say, "when I retire, this is what I want..." and expecting my goals to just work out. I had the realization that for the universe to really work with me, I need to be expecting my goals now. I want to live my entire life like I am retired.

I want purchase land and create a green burial cemetery. For me, I want to spend my days advocating for the planet, that dying shouldn't be a business for people to profit off of and the way dying "respectfully" is harmful to our environment. Not only that, nature is a place to heal. I want my cemetery to be in an established forest, for bodies to be buried vertically around the trees. No embalming, no caskets to spend money on. Not only will it be healing to be able to come back to the land and sit on benches or walk the trails, but knowing that your loved one is with nature and not having the financial burden of a "modern" funeral. I want to provide a green, cheap, way to be buried and a beautiful place to grieve and heal. Maintaining the land and burying people would be my job. It would be how I would make a living for my family. I believe it would be the most healing, soul fulfilling thing I can do to sustain my family and friends, as well as make it my legacy and mark left for this life time.

The way I want to live, the house I want to spend my days in, involves the space for my friends and family to exist with me. I want to keep my community close. I want my parents to have a place to retire in and be cared for. I want to have a huge garden and farm animals that provide food for us so my loved ones have food security. Within that, it's one less expense to worry about, so they may feel more secure in exploring a job that brings them joy and less money driven. A place to teach my son what it means to work hard and reap the benefits.

The amount of glowing my heart does when I think about this as my life, is explosive. I desire that life so deeply. On the times when I am able to sit and reflect on what it means to have that, it means I have made it. I will be able to live my purpose out daily.

My New Year's resolution was to make every day feel like Christmas. What that means to me, is to have everyone I care about around me, when possible. Right now, it is a celebration of food with my family. It's taking my time and being present in every moment through out the full day. When it comes times to be Christmas of '21, I will have spent a full season growing a garden with my friends-family. I am speechless, a total loss of words, for the gratitude that comes with a clarity of perspective, and taking my time every day working towards that. This page being one of them.

I want the accountability of writing something at least five times a week. Nothing less.

Smaller goals include being more disciplined with spiritual practices. I want to experience deeper meditations, I want to move things from a believing to a KNOWING (which is why this page will help!).

I've also recently had a conversation that led to a realization. If your goals are what you feel are expected of you, you're not going to be living in alignment. If your goals are something that you used to want, but no longer feeling aligned, know you can change them and begin that new path. That taking time to really reason with all that you do in your daily life-habits, routines, and in that self awareness you recognize things that you no longer want to do, or things that don't bring you closer to your goals or desires, you can change that. It all begins with self awareness of what you are doing. Move things from just habits, into something that excites you.

I try to apply that to all I do in my life. Add something to all tasks that excite you. Taking showers somedays can just feel like a task, so indulge in soaps that smell good. Lotions for after that make you feel good. At the end of day, it is all about you and what feels good to you.

All new paths begin out of a new self awareness.

It's valid to change your path and your desires based upon a new thought. Life is just a place to learn. Everything is valid, but in hindsight, it's never that deep.