I'm not sure where to begin, all that I know is that I have to. I'm not sure what my point is or who my audience really is. I do imagine this being like Awkward or Ned's Declassified. Maybe somehow my life's epiphanies or random connections may help someone make sense within in their own life.

One of the things that have happened within my life, is that I have become known to be naked on the internet by some. I used to hide my body from being sexualized and feared what others might think of me. I was guarded. It took metaphysics for me to heal and be confident. To be vulnerable and soft. To be willing to look at my body as the vessel of light it is and know it is art. It is something that carries me through my life, carrying scars and tattoos and stories. It is art.

To connect it to something metaphysical, here is one of my favorite visuals for finding harmony, and honesty.

When was the last time you looked at yourself naked? Looking at yourself naked, there's no way to hide anything. In dream language, that is why nudity represents honesty. There's no lies in nudity, it's vulnerability. To be able to give that type of honesty to yourself is powerful, but giving that to someone else the space to hear you and to be heard is harmonious. To show up to a conversation 'naked' is how you are honest with yourself, and them. Being naked means leaving the armor off.

At the same time, no one wants to fight a naked person. By showing up vulnerable-naked, to have conversation with someone, you create the space for compassion and connection. If you're unwilling to be fully intimate in that way, that is where you can begin to know your Self better. I believe journaling is important in getting out the HONEST realizations about Self in the physical, it makes it real. It becomes more than a thought.

Which is why I am here on this wild internet platform. I desire to keep myself accountable, and for me, an audience does that (even if it is just the threat of one).

I hope to be naked on the internet and that someone finds my vulnerability and stories useful in someway. This is feeling really good for me, so I guess this purpose is being served in some way, so here I am.