Buy a coffee


You can now buy me a coffee!

When my blogs/websites were first set up in 2010, I decided that it would be free-to-access and that costs when they occurred would be absorbed by me.

My aim was to make many years of work freely available to the public and enjoy of it showing my electronics stuff, and making money from it, was never my purpose.

The websites were always been a one-man operation, and unfortunately expenses have increased significantly especially storage - fuel - related costs , and in the longer term it is no longer feasible to absorb costs.

Unfortunately for me, things have gone very bad when a recent  health heavy outage developed several problems cutting me out of job.

I will continue to update and enhance my sites at vantage to the public with new content , new stuff and new sites in future with my own power.........

!!! DO NOT contact me with unsolicited services or offers !!!
!!! DO NOT contact me with technical service questions, they will be ignored   !!!

......and .............YES...........  You can now buy me a coffee!