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Minnesota born and raised, I've been a jack of all trades IT/hobbyist developer since a young age.

I love building things that solve niche problems that I encounter. I love it even more when others find these tools useful.

Coffee legitimately keeps me going, so if you've used something I've built (and enjoyed it), I'd certainly appreciate the support and kind words!

Alexander Seibert
Alexander Seibert bought a coffee.

Thanks for the support. I really appreciate it!

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Thank you! Helped me confirm my numbers.
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thank you very easy to use .i appreciate the app.

Thank you so much for the coffee! I'm glad you found the app useful.

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Joshua Bunkley
Joshua Bunkley bought a coffee.

Basically allowed me to grow my business faster than I ever could have without it. More than worth a cup of coffee

Wow! That's awesome to hear, and thanks for coffee. I'd love to find out more about how you used Measure My Lawn to grow your business and what improvments the app could use.