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"Extreme" News

Mar 08, 2023

Hello folks!

Thanks to your generosity, we will very soon take delivery of our new YouTube live switcher - a BlackMagic Design ATEM Mini Extreme ISO - the top of the range "mini" switcher from the Australian company.

There's nothing "mini" about its features - it can do pretty much everything the company's larger, professional TV studio switchers can - something you'll be able to enjoy once we get to grips with it!

We can now broadcast up to 8 different video sources (previously only 4) and integrate more sophisticated graphics, multi-cam views and more to enhance our livestreams further.

In addition, this amazing device can record each individual camera source in addition to the live "programme", enabling us to re-mix the show once it's been broadcast. Before, only the cuts and transitions made by Vanessa were part of the recording - now they can be altered or changed entirely for a different video experience!

This feature will also make editing and uploading video content much easier and more streamlined, saving time and increasing video output. Now we have no excuse - be prepared for a LOT of new organ music content!

Thank you again for your continued help and support!

Fraser & Vanessa

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