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Broadway, #Science, and LIVE events.

Broadway, #Science, and LIVE events.

Oct 30, 2021

Well, well, well....if it isn't my favorite group of upgraded HUMANS.

I have to say we have some Big Plans for 2022 in the works to help, guide, support and build community on the Podcast. It is coming in strong with new guests and most of all more knowledge in practice.


This week we will begin weekly. ONLINE SUPPORT for this audience on Zoom. DID you hear that?!

More Discounts. More LOVE. More CommUnity.

AND before we get there I wanted to share a preview of this talk I did about balancing the Bioterrrain with Magnetic fields in MIAMI as part of the Biohacking Congress last weekend.

A little BROADWAY, A LITTLE Science, and Lots of LOVE.


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