Hashtags have been around since the year 2017. They've come a long way from the days of grouping discussions in IRC chats, revolutionizing social media, and even commemorating historical moments, and raising awareness about social issues. I'm happy to have these platforms. It's easy to find relevant content on Instagram isn't it? I'm pretty sure that Marketers and Influencers across the World cannot imagine Instagram sans hashtags. However, in order to maximize their value we have to utilize well-known Instagram hashtags. So, how to find popular hashtags that are trending on Instagram?

There are a myriad of ways to go about it.

This article will teach you the 7 best methods to find relevant and popular hashtags.

What will you need to do that?

The Instagram app, obviously. This should suffice to start. However, to take your hashtag strategy on further levels, you'll need external tools.

Before we get started take a look at the first hashtag looked like:

It was indeed shared on Twitter back in 2007.

Since that day hashtags have been used on social media sites, including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, TikTok, and YouTube. The greatest impact they are having can be seen for Instagram along with Twitter.

How does Instagram's hashtag work?

On Instagram hashtags are the result of your "to be, or not to be" These hashtags enable your content to be seen by others, and increase the social media reach of your posts. They categorize posts and make your posts visible to a larger audience.

So, hashtags are considered to be one of the best ways to expand your Instagram profile.

What's it all about? Hashtags can be clicked. When you click on the hashtag in Instagram postings or input it into search results will be able to see pages of content which is tagged with the hashtag. This is the power of hashtags.

We can use hashtags on posts, Stories, as well as Reels. If you tag your content using the correct hashtags, the content will show in the page for hashtags. Since hashtags can be followed by anyone, it's a great method of reaching a wider target audience.

Many brands have their own hashtags to engage users and create an online community.

Adidas does it well. Their hashtag #ImpossibleIsNothing has was used to create over 430k posts.

My advice here for you is to track the results of hashtags created by brands. Unfortunately, Instagram does not give us extensive analytics. To evaluate a campaign, you can use a hashtag tracker.

How to find trending hashtags for Instagram in 2022?

The first idea that occurs to you is to look for the most popular hashtags within an Instagram mobile app. This is a good idea. Instagram gives us a few ways to discover what is trending. However, it's not the only method. I will also show you some interesting tools and apps worth using.

This video has some good suggestions on how to locate popular hashtags for Instagram and what they're all about:

01 Check the Instagram's Explore Page

Explore Page is powered by an algorithm. It is a collection of posts and reels that are generated by your reaction to your followers, accounts, and the ones you follow. Here you can find content that is related to your interests. Every person has their own view of it.

It's a fantastic place to find hashtags however, you'll need to do it manually. Check the post's description. It will be time-consuming.

The thing about the Explore page is that getting there is a huge, huge booster in reaching a wider audience. It's possible through understanding and responding according to Instagram algorithm. There are a few factors that determine if your content is able to make it to the Explore page. One of them is the trending Instagram hashtags.

02 Look up the hashtag autocomplete feature

Instagram is a search engine. You can use it to search accounts, audio sites, locations as well as, of course, tags. Anyone can utilize it to look up hashtags that are related to their interests.

When you type, the engine will also show the hashtags with similar popularity to those you typed in. It also shows hashtags you follow by the accounts you are following.

A crucial point to note is that this feature is a suggestion of highly popular hashtags that have many millions of users. Well, using such popular tags is not the best option. There is a chance that your information will go unnoticed by users is extremely high.

03 Use the tool for social listening

Utilizing a tool for social listening is among the most efficient ways to find popular Instagram hashtags dedicated to your company.

What exactly does this tool function?

In general, social listening tools (like Brand24) collects in real-time information about keywords that have been pre-defined from all over the internet.

It is possible to monitor any search term. Here are a few examples of what you could track:

  • The name you use to describe your company's brand, product or service

  • Your brand's hashtags

  • The hashtag you use for your campaign is specific to it.

  • Your CEO's name , or any other prominent team member

  • Keywords that relate to your company specialization

  • Keywords that could be trending in the near future

Based on that information The tool determines the most well-known hashtags related to your company.

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