If you're using 30 hashtags you can make 1 or 2 of those famous ones.

It will give you quick likes. However, most of them will be fake, bot likes.

Yes, the automated "bot" activity is still a problem for Instagram by 2022.

Use popular tags, and you'll probably be the target of annoying following-unfollowing activity.

This is the reason rule-breaking IGers make use of automation to follow accounts they think might follow them back.

If you don't reply and, sometimes, even when there is a follow-up, people will unfollow you in the end.

Don't be offended, because it's all automatic. Nobody has any judgment about your account.

Don't do any automated follow-unfollows on Instagram. Your account could be shadowbanned or even closed.

But back to those top tags, they may work for likes in the first few seconds after you publish. Your post will be quickly deleted from the hashtag feed.

Additionally, they're frequently used by spammers and can quickly become removed from the market!

The use of banned hashtags could place you in the crosshairs of spammers and arouse Instagram's suspicions about your account.


Banned Instagram hashtags 2022

You want to know: What hashtags are prohibited by Instagram?

However, this is a constant object. According to Markitors:

... it was discovered that the hashtag #happythanksgiving became completely overrun by spammers, and they decided to block it. From here on out If you are using the hashtag #happythanksgiving then not only will your content most likely not show up for that hashtag, you might be flagged for spam. The repetitive use of hashtags with banned content, leading to multiple flags being placed on your account could lead to shadow banning or account removal.

Of course, to avoid these forbidden hashtags, you have to be aware of which hashtags are prohibited. What is the best way to know that #happythanksgiving is considered "spam"?

There are 3 methods to stay clear of banned hashtags:

  1. Do not use any of the top Instagram hashtags.

  2. Study any hashtag prior to using it.

  3. Use Tailwind Hashtag Finder. No hashtags that are banned are included.

To find out about banned tags currently or hashtags, type in a hashtag in the search bar.

Click on the hashtag and scroll through the photos.

If you get to the point with a message saying that the content is "currently hidden," it's a banned hashtag.

Are you looking to cut out the stress of analyzing banned tags and also find the most relevant set of hashtags to reach your target audience?


What's your best Instagram hashtags?

I don't recommend popular tags because of the reasons outlined above.

Here's what I recommend:

Make use of hashtags that are relevant to your niche.

Utilizing hashtags that are relevant and relevant will help you connect with those who are interested in precisely what you're sharing.

You can locate relevant tags by searching your keywords on Instagram, or using an online platform like Hashtagify.me.

Check out what other people in your industry are using.

Find out what your peers and influencers are sharing on their social media pages.

Explore the relevant tags Instagram provides when you hit a tag that is relevant to your post. Consider them if you find them beneficial!

Be sure your hashtags are active.

Check the hashtag feed to find out if the hashtags that you're using are in use and being employed by others.

Tip A tip: If you scroll through 20 rows and aren't discovering content published in the recent few seconds, this tag is not active enough!

Get rid of the trending hashtags such as beautiful, pretty, love and similar ones.

Your blog post will be lost in the feed in milliseconds. In researching this I also found many posts within those tags that I didn't wish to even be associated with (some I felt even compelled to publish).

If you want to you must, add a few of them, in the event that they are relevant to your article.

Not necessarily the ones that have 100M's of posts but one or two above 1M might provide you with some instant likes.

Note: Your content needs to be awesome to stand out in a lighting-fast motion-sensing tag feed!

Create a branded hashtag for your business or campaign.

Make sure to ensure that these tags aren't being used, particularly in ways that you wouldn't be happy with!

Invite followers and fans to follow your tag, and you'll soon discover who your top fans are. Support, encourage, and even regram them!


Can I add hashtags to Instagram after posting?

There was a time when using hashtags was easy.

  • You posted a bunch with your photo.

  • You returned later and deleted those tags and added many more.

  • In a magical way, your post was pushed up to the top of the hashtag feeds, no matter the time since the original post.

  • Your engagement is up again.

But Instagram changed all that for us back in March, 2015.

Any time you use hashtags to your photo or video it will be visible in the hashtag feed along with other photos and videos posted at the time of its initial posting.

Or as Instagram claims:

Keep in mind that if you include hashtags to photos after it was posted, the image will remain on the hashtag page in accordance with the date it was posted, not the time the hashtag was added.

The short answer is that you can add hashtags to your own posts after posting.

Popular hashtags must be added immediately or your blog post will not appear in those feeds.

If you like, you can remove them later and then add new hashtags for your niche in place.

Personally, I think your time could be better spent creating brand new Instagram posts.


Why are my hashtags from Instagram no longer working?

You might be the victim of a shadowban.

A shadowban hides your Instagram posts from users who don't have a follower, which can be detrimental to increasing your followers and gaining more followers.

If you get shadowbanned on Instagram, the only people who are followers will be able to view your post when they look up the hashtags you used. If someone who isn't following your account searches using one of these hashtags, they won't see the post!

This defeats the purpose of using strategic hashtags to grow your Instagram community.

Some readers have even said they are unable to find their own posts on the feeds for hashtags! This could be due to shadowban. Also, as IG says, "issues with hashtag search."

Instagram doesn't admit there is this kind of thing, by the way Don't think you can be able to get help from them.

You can utilize"Report a Problem" or "Report a Problem" feature within your account settings, within "Support." I no receive a response after doing this however it's not a bad idea.

I'd suggest you say "my post isn't showing in the hashtag feeds" and not using the term "shadowban."


What can I do to avoid being banned shadowbanned?

Shadowbanning on Instagram is often a result of spammy activity.

However, certain normal routines are also getting users shadowbanned:

  • Repeated use of the same hashtag group in less than 24 hours.

  • Utilizing "broken" or banned hashtags.

Sometimes, a typical, daily hashtag can be removed.

Popular hashtags are typically used on content that violates IG guidelines for community members. In the event of a violation, Instagram might ban the hashtag completely that means you cannot search for it on IG or restrict the content that appears in the hashtag feed.

Through the Shadowban it seems that even if your post uses one hashtag banned when posting, Instagram will prevent your post from being seen in any hashtag that you have used!

Thus, you could look through every hashtag feed separately to find evidence that a tag is not working or has been banned. Avoid using them!

OR, just simplify your life by making use of Tailwind's Hashtag Finder!

It will provide you with new alternatives that are related to yours, so you don't repeat the same hashtag group. It will only suggest tags that are Instagram-approved!


How to use Instagram hashtags for best results:

If you are insistent on using extremely popular hashtags, be sure to include them in your caption.

If you wait for even a second before posting them in a post you'll be wasting your time, as your post will be buried in that hashtag feed the instant you upload it.

If you are posting hashtags in multiple posts, put the most popular ones first.

Make hashtag comments in the order of how fast the hashtag feeds change!

The hashtags for niches may be added at a later date!

Do not bother to add hashtags when the original date of your post would be hidden in the feed . However, there are some super-cool hashtags that have only several hundred to several thousand posts within their feeds. A lot of them have huge fans!

To make it easier to hashtag, you can keep groups of 30 hashtags in your phone's Notes app.

Create and save a collection of 30 tags for every type of post you make (or less than 30 if you prefer ).

Copy your hashtag group prior to when you create the IG post!

You can then put them on your clipboard , ready to type in a comment immediately. There is no need to fumble, and you won't waste precious minutes. You can also set up your own text shortcut!


Conclusion: Do This for Instagram successful hashtags!

Create your Instagramming effortless!

Disclosure I'm a Tailwind affiliate that means I can make a referral fee if you sign up.

Use between 11 and 30 hashtags to build your account.

Include your hashtags in your comment by using . and then repeat, 5 times.

Use additional hashtags that relate to your industry.

  • What are your key words?

  • What are peers/competitors/influencers using?

  • What do Instagram suggest as related?

Use smaller (or any) of the most well-known hashtags.

Select hashtags that are regularly being used (but in a way that isn't too busy! ).


Create a tag that is unique to your brand or campaign.

  • Make sure you check to determine if the product is being used.

  • Promote your tag's use to your followers.

  • Engage and shout out to your users who use it!

Keep hashtag groups in your phone's Notes app.

  • One group for each kind of content you publish.

  • Copy them to your clipboard before you post your content.

  • Make sure to follow up with hashtags in a post.

Bonus tip: Your hashtags will magically work much better when you're posting amazing visuals! Many people are scanning hashtag feeds, and you need to stand out.

Well done! The ability to utilize hashtags on Instagram will allow your account to grow.

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