When it comes to the best place you should place hashtags on Instagram, you can add hashtags in the caption of your post, or in the very first comments. Some people prefer to add hashtags within the first comment since they don't want to make followers feel like they're stumbling around with a raft of hashtags in the caption. The caption, however, is deleted after two lines of text, so hashtags don't show up from a first glance. In the end the hashtag's placement is an issue of personal preference.

Another spot to add hashtags is in your bio. When users tap it and they'll be directed to the hashtag's page. For businesses with popular branded hashtags, it's a fantastic way to foster engagement or collect user-generated content.

500+ Instagram hashtag cheat sheet

If you've just launched an online store here are 20 popular high density hashtags for ecommerce businesses that you can use straight away:





















Mix these with hashtags with low density which are targeted towards your industry's area of expertise.

If you're in search of more inspiration, you should download our free Instagram hashtag list for travel, fashion, photography and many more hashtags that are organized into 20 sub-categories.

Try out an individual hashtag plan

If you're serious about gaining more likes and followers on Instagram and other platforms, you'll need to get that exposure. It will require some work and persistence However, the payoff is worth it. Eventually, keeping up with social media trends will become routine for you. You'll gain a loyal user base, and you'll be able determine what keeps them attracted to your content.

The final thing I can recommend to be successful: become a expert on Instagram. Follow Instagram updates, tools, and trends--Instagram will quickly notify you of any algorithm changes, new features, and expert advice on their blog.

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