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# 1 Palm Springs

Palm Springs, a Hulu production, tells the story of Nyles and Sarah, who are trapped in a cycle where they relive a wedding day. Whenever the two try to separate from each other, they find themselves in the same place and will do their best to get rid of this situation. IMDb score 7.4

#2 Big Time Adolescence
16-year-old Mo takes his best friend Zeke as an example. Zeke lives a more fun and cool life than Mo. As Mo begins to suffer from Zeke, whom he has taken as an example, over time, they will give a big test about their close friendship. The Hulu movie Big Time Adolescence is a new youth story that will be familiar to us in many ways, with its strong cast including Colson Baker, Sydney Sweeney and Emily Arlook. IMDb score 7.0

# 3 Little Monsters

Dave is a former musician with self-esteem issues. She likes Caroline, who is her nephew's kindergarten teacher. He hears that one day there will be a kindergarten trip, so he volunteers thinking that he can spend time with Caroline. But the trip will never be as they hoped for, suddenly the group, caught in the middle of the zombie invasion, doesn't know what to do. Dave and Caroline must work to protect the children, and Dave is considering taking this opportunity. In Hulu's Little Monster, Abe Forsythe, known for his movie Down Under, sits in the director's chair. IMDb score 6.3

# 4 Becoming Bond

Becoming Bond is a Hulu documentary about how George Lazenby, an Australian auto mechanic, was selected for the role of James Bond. IMDb score 7.5

# 5 Batman & Bill

The Hulu documentary, in which we will learn about the life of Bill Finger, another hidden creator of Batman besides Bob Kane, and the aspects we have not known much about until now, was directed by the duo Batman & Bill, Don Argott and Sheena M. Joyce. IMDb score 8.0

# 6 Bad Hair

Anna, who dreams of being VJ, wants to change her appearance in order to be permanent in this profession. Anna, who started this change with her hair, will see that her life will change with her hair. Directed by Justin Simien, who debuted with Dear White People, the intriguing horror-comedy Bad Hair will be aired on Hulu. IMDb score 5.5

# 7 Books of Blood

Books of Blood, adapted from the famous horror writer Clive Barker's book and prepared for Hulu, tells 3 stories in total. The first story centers on Mary, a skeptical psychologist trying to confront the death of her 7-year-old son. The next story is the story of a woman who suffers from a psychological disorder and seeks escape to avoid hospitalization. The final story focuses on a professional killer who learns about an invaluable book. IMDb score 5.6

#8 Fyre Fraud

Every detail about the Fyre Festival can be summed up with these two statements: incomprehensible and impossible. Fyre Festival, which was marketed as a dream and turned into a terrible disaster, and Hulu, behind the scenes, brings to our screens with the documentary Fyre Fraud.