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How to design, make and install fitted furniture!   Whether you are a new fitted furniture maker, transitioning woodworker, or DIY home renovator, this level is all about the technicalities of making the product.
Receive a downloadable pdf of my formulas, methods and materials for creating fitted alcove cabinets and shelves.
Member-only vlog series following our move to a bigger workshop
Valuable extra podcast segments deemed too sensitive to release publicly.
Supporting me on a monthly basis helps ensure I can keep creating content across YouTube, Instagram, blog posts and podcasts.
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All about the business of fitted furniture.  For makers wanting to up their game on the business side of things, to create more time and financial freedom in their lives while still doing work they love.
Business tips, pricing, software, Sketchup training, CNC training, recruitment mindset and more
Full access to lower tier content (design, build and installation resources) plus much more
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I'm the guy from Freebird on YouTube. I quit architecture for woodworking (mostly fitted furniture) and now I'm teaching you what I've learned.

Along the way I've moved from the garage workshop where I started the business at the back of my house (pictured above) to a proper industrial premises.  I'm documenting the whole ongoing process of business growth via vlogs here on the Buymeacoffee platform for members only.

After doing weekly YouTube videos for a while now I'm focusing more on this member-only content, alongside ongoing freely available build videos and workshop stories on Instagram.  I still put out the occasional YouTube video too!

Check the 'Extras' tab above for downloadable resources you may have seen advertised in a video.  Check the 'Posts' tab to get a feel for the resources I'm providing to my members, with some free content mixed in for you too if you scroll down.

If you're here to buy me a coffee you'll get a sample of one of the member-only video series.  No strings attached.  (You'll also get my Hafele Loox lighting crib sheet, but be aware this may be overdue for an update as they keep changing the range).  

If you're ready to commit a little more and become a member, then you'll receive detailed blueprints for alcove cabinetry, plus access to the ongoing member-only videos, extra podcast content, and additional free downloadable resources.

What I really love doing is helping others make the most of their work and life.  It's not just about the fitted furniture.  If I can help you fast-track to better methods, maybe you'll get where you want to be faster and get quality time back with your family.

Thank you for your support!