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I'm the guy from Freebird on YouTube. I quit architecture for woodworking (mostly fitted furniture) and now I'm teaching you what I've learned.

Check out my recent video outlining plans for the Youtube channel in case you haven't seen it, including the new podcast!!

Check the 'Shop' tab above for downloadable resources you may have seen advertised in a video.  Check the 'Posts' tab to get a feel for the resources I'm providing to my members, with some free content mixed in for you too.

If you're here to buy me a coffee you'll get a free download link to a crib sheet for the Hafele Loox lighting system.  No strings attached.

If you're ready to commit a little more and become a member, then you'll receive detailed blueprints for alcove cabinetry, plus ongoing member-only videos, extra podcast content, and additional free downloadable resources.

What I really love doing is helping others make the most of their work and life.  It's not just about the fitted furniture.  If I can help you fast track to better methods, maybe you'll get where you want to be faster and get quality time back with your family.

Thank you for your support!

PS yes I did draw a beard on that photoshoot of me.  Buy me coffees for a new photoshoot 😆

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Great work, keep it up

Lukasz Zielinski
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Thanks for signing up Lukasz, have a good look through old posts for lots of extra content!

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Thomas Anstiss
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Got some fitted furniture to build at home. I've dabbled with sketch up. If it goes ok may push as a service I could provide.

I hope it goes well.  Thanks for signing up.  Have a good look back through old posts etc as there is useful content which is not immediately obvious.

I'm trying to read further comments and it keeps telling me it's for members only. Although I am a member 

You need to be logged in.  At top right. Use the same email you signed up with.  The system can email you a pin code to login if you forgot the password or didn’t set one up to start with. 

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