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Quick wins: IR Repeaters (and Cable outlets)

Dec 04, 2020

Hi folks, I’ve got a bit of new content coming up in the pipeline but just briefly for now — something prompted me to share with you the existence of Infra Red Repeaters in case you haven’t heard of them.

When building alcove cabinets we used to leave an open slot for digiboxes, for the remote to work. I never much liked that look.

I have never done one like that again since a techie customer first alerted me to these ‘IR repeaters’. There are a few variations but a simple cheap one like the one at that link is fine.

They simply receive the remote control signal, and retransmit it inside the cupboard. They consist of a small black receiver which you would place typically just under the TV on top of the cupboard, and that is connected by a wire through the cable outlet behind the TV to the retransmitter which needs to be placed within the cupboard. And they need a power source.

These days I provide a link to that one on Amazon to my customers in a standard email in my quote. It’s one of those areas over years where I’ve learnt to empower the customer with useful information (that also makes my life easier in terms of simplifying the furniture design) but I don’t get drawn into offering to set it up for them.

On the subject of cabling - we use 80mm diameter cable outlets and it can be surprisingly hard to find a decent holesaw at that size and which cuts easily in MDF and oak etc.

You need to buy this one, it is amazingly fast and easy, way better than the traditional holesaw teeth:


You will also need this centre drill:


I hope that’s helpful, have a nice weekend!


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