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We are the Whittakers. Silke , Tim , Luca , Nina  & Lucy (Foxterrier).

We are from New Zealand and were a typical middle class family with both parents working fulltime, paying a mortgage, the children going to a Rudolf Steiner school. Since we couldn't really afford holidays we bought a small trailer yacht, which we sailed as often as we could on long weekends or over the Christmas Holidays on Lake Rotoiti in New Zealand. With us both working full time to pay all the bills and the children's busy social and sports schedules we realised that we barely see each other and started looking at options on how we can simplify our life and reconnect as a couple and family.  We have come to realise that life is just too short to be working so hard and missing precious time together.

We decided to make a crazy plan to sell all our processions, buy a yacht and sail away. Unfortunately a lot of the money from selling our home has gone into paying back the bank and buying our new home with sails. This is why would would love your support!. Even if its just parking meter money or the value of a coffee or ice cream. Anything you can help with we would greatly appreciate.

You aren't funding a lavish sailing holiday. For us this is an exploration of a different lifestyle as a family. We still have to cook. clean, homeschool, maintain the boat, manage our daily tasks as a family and making living on a shoestring on a boat work. We have a bit of money left over from the house sale which will keep us a going hopefully for a few years to purchase groceries and pay cruising and visa fees and do simple maintentance on the boat.

You are helping us  to record and show friends, family and others how we are getting on with our new life on the ocean. We will share our insights, highs and lows with you as its all new to us too and we have no idea how living so outside of the mainstream box as a family will feel like.

Salty air and sea life is very hard on camera gear and  it will need upgrading and replacing often. Your money will help buy new equipment and also go towards items on the yacht that need adding or replacing too. A set of Sails costs $15,000+. Some funds will also be used to pay for the children's schooling expenses. Internet is crucial and data expensive.

Both of us will try and find work on our way as well, but we are not sure yet, how that is going to work out. Silke is a yoga teacher, sound healer, reiki master and essential oil educator. You can find more about her work on Tim is a photographer and you can find more about his work on
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