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Hey there 👋 

Nice to see you here!

My name is Wouter Vertogen and I host The Freelancer Talk podcast. 

The Freelancer Talk podcast is just the beginning of a greater vision I've been working on for the past year. 

I have a very ambitious vision to create a Networking Platform specially intended for freelancers. Because first of all, us freelancers deserve our own powerful networking tool and second of all because us freelancers are the drive behind the economy and we are indispensable!

I want to bring back the simplicity into online networking for freelancers and create an open sharing space where it's easy to connect and to collaborate with other freelancers. 

Another reason why I want to create this platform is because as freelancers we often miss the feeling of belonging to a community. The Freelancer Talk platform will be a platform where networking can take place but also where you’ll find other freelancers working in your branch to connect with and just have a talk with.  

While The Freelancer Talk platform is currently under construction you can buy me a coffee/make a donation to support the show and the creation of The Freelancer Talk platform! 

Thanks in advance!