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hello! this is Yin! I love music and art, I'm exploring the world as an independent artist, musician and filmmaker, any money you pay to me will be spent on production, equipment, rent, bills, food, adobe subscription, ableton/logics plugin, vimeo's storage, ink, papers, tools for printmaking etc. ***your name/credit will be added to the next production as SPONSOR. please leave your email or contact info, so I can keep you posted :)  

*** work direction is usually female oriented, inquiry of collaboration about Black comedy, LGBTQ ( ex: Blue Is the Warmest Colour ), feminism ( ex: simone de beauvoir ), democracy ( ex: civil rights, equal rights ), vegetarianism/plant-based diet, music production ( from Miles Davis, the Libertines, Natalia Lafourcade, Gorillaz, KOC and Aphex Twin ) / , psychology, philosophy... are welcomed. 

If you want to see some of my work, you could search "Free le Panda" on youtube or go to my website, peace!