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Hi 👋 we are sisters 👋 and we have a total of 28 years 😋. Yes we are twins (and we look like 🥚 egg to egg 🥚).

You can buy us coffee now! ☕x1️⃣3️⃣5️⃣...

About our passion 🔥
We love Manga! (what is a manga?) That's why we've put together all the publicly available chapters on one website. On the page

Forever free 🆓
We only want to maintain our project on a voluntary basis and we will never charge for content. However, our good intentions end where the necessary fees begin.

Did we create the website ourselves? 🍀
Of course not, we didn't create the site ourselves. The success of this website is due to many volunteers who were willing to help with the project without the right to remuneration. Therefore, we would like to thank the individuals who contacted us: They provided a contribution for the registration of the domain ".online" ($21.88 / year). With the "" service, we found a freelencer who created the design for free. But also others who give us great tips on how to help the project (this is how we found the great service "" where you can now support us).

What we need? 🙏
We started with freewebhosting. But according to our friends, there are big restrictions on free hosting, so we were forced to switch to paid hosting. We currently got it for 1 year for only $1 (Thank you). However, this is only a temporary solution and the cost of hosting costs tens of dollars a month. Therefore, if we want to continue with our project, we need your help with paying for these important services such as domain and hosting.

What are we planning for the future? 👍
In addition to regularly updating the Manga chapter database, we are working on our blog and will publish our own (hand-drawn) Manga series. We also plan to publish a video of how we draw our own Manga, so don't forget to follow us on our social networks and on our Manga blog.

Thank you 💕
We are excited that you have read this entire text. It is already a great success for us that we were able to attract you. Was it worth the coffee? 💋 We'll be glad. Or just visit and sharing our website 😉, it's also support Thank you all, we love you.
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