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We are Brian and Joel, developers of  We originally created this website back in 2011 to manage our own golf leagues.  Over the years we've gradually added features to support the many leagues that use the website today, and we plan to continue making further improvements.  We do all the work in our spare time while each working full time jobs.  If our website helps you to manage your golf league, please consider buying us a beer.

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Marty bought 3 beers.

Looking ofr help. Want to be able to have a team member sub for another team.

Thanks Marty!  Once a player is assigned to a team, they can only play for that team. But you can have players designated as subs by not assigning them to any team.  Alternatively, when a player is missing, you can use a ghost player, or let one team member play against multiple opponents.  See the substitutions and ghost player sections of our help page for more details.

Charles Swallow
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Thanks Charles!

Nathan Newkirk
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John Rice
John Rice bought 5 beers.

Thank you guys for the great service. This is my 6th year and the time and frustration youve saved me is amazing.

Thanks John!

Jourdan bought 5 beers.

This website has been awesome for running my league. I truly appreciate all of the work you guys have put in. Cheers!!

Thanks Jourdan!