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Hola 👋 friends,

Every 10 years, we take on a new adventure. And just incase we start to run out of time, we thought this one better be about LIVING first. We love to work though, and, even at our old age, we need to work to live (and that's another story! )

So we took up digital marketing in a big way, and fromcooktochef is a mix of a personal journey blog and lots of hard work researching & sharing honest reviews and tips about food and cooking. We're big foodies, and we have professional experience. 
It makes me so happy when you get in touch to say how helpful it is. But we're in danger of getting desk-bound and need help to keep that life balance I keep harping on about.

So I just created a page here, and now you can buy me a virtual coffee! I really will use it to buy a coffee and think of you dear virtual friend, or save it to buy my next favorite kitchen tool ( like that Bamix SliceSy, or the KitchenAid spiralizer attachment. )  

Keep buying us a coffees, and we can keep advising on the best kitchen tools, cooking tips, and food travel!

The best coffee - machines, accessories, and the greatest coffee houses to enjoy wherever we travel. The best hand blenders, and all our other favorite kitchen tools of course. 

About us: Four years ago we decided to live life like it was a grown-up gap year. Money and responsibilities, stuff and nonsense were all tying us down. So we closed our hotel & restaurant whilst it was at the top of it's game, same with my professional photography studio - and made some space while we decided what to do. After taking what felt like a part sabbatical learning the digital marketing skills, and a grown-up gap year, we went home and sold the lot -   home, cars, and almost every possession, and left the UK. Now we´re free. We rent, and we work nomadically... wherever we happen to be.

We do everything together - we´re both the workers and the bosses. We've supported each other´s needs in different ways through each 10-year life adventure together. This one is about living first and balancing the work. Thanks for helping with that.

Is it time for a coffee yet 😍

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