Buy from cook to chef... a coffee


Hola 👋 friends,

I love my work, researching & sharing my reviews and tips and it makes me so happy when you get in touch to say how helpful it is. But I´m always getting desk-bound and need help to keep that life balance I keep harping on about.

So I just created a page here, so you can now buy me a coffee!

Keep buying, and I can keep advising! The best coffee - machines, accessories, and the greatest coffee houses to enjoy wherever we travel. (As well as our other favorite kitchen tools of course.)

About us: We closed our hotel & restaurant, and photography studio. THen sold the lot, +  home, cars, and most of our possessions, and left the UK. Now we´re free to work nomadically... wherever we may be.

We do everything together - we´re both the workers and the boss. We support each other´s needs in different ways through each 10-year life adventure together. This one is about living first and balancing the work. Thanks for helping with that.

Is it time for a coffee yet 😍

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