Buy The Frustrated Nester a coffee


If you've gained insight from my writing, connection from the #MayontheMove community, or just want to support my path to publication, let's connect more over a coffee or two! 

Here's the big idea: I've been trying out Creative Coffee time with some important friends. We get together virtually for 60-90 minutes a week, for some co-creation time. Not just co-working, it's an opportunity to ring-fence time for some playful creating - bring a project you're working on, or respond to the prompt I share at the beginning. At the end, we chat about how the creating went, and creativity in general.

At the moment, anyone who buys me just one coffee is invited to join us and make it a Creative Coffee! From 27 June to the end of August, the schedule will be flexible - I want to keep showing up for my creative work during our family summer travels, so I'll be fitting it in somewhere and sending the invitations with plenty of notice.

Are you in?