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If you've gained insight from my writing, connection from the #MayontheMove community, or just want to give me a morale boost on my path to publication, let's connect more over a coffee or two! 

When you do, you'll be invited to join my weekly Creative Coffee.

We get together virtually for 60-90 minutes a week, for some co-creation time. Not just co-working, it's an opportunity to ring-fence time for some playful creating - bring a project you're working on, or respond to the prompt I share at the beginning. At the end, we chat about how the creating went, and creativity in general.

Whether you have a creative project that's waiting for more of your attention, or you just want a moment to tune into your creative self, there's nothing like showing up for a hard and fast appointment to make it happen.

Every time I sit down to the page, even for a short session, I revel afterwards in the feeling of having done some of it, of the progress made. There's a guilt that lifts knowing I've done at least some of it; there's more ease in the rest of the day. It's a promise to myself, kept.

It's that first sitting down part that's hardest sometimes, but at least once a week, in Creative Coffee, I do it. AND I get extra motivation from the others creating with me through the screen, as well as inspiration from the insights we share afterwards.

On that note: it's a totally safe space to share creative frustrations and learning. So often we find ourselves sharing 'lightbulb' moments that frankly, we've all learned many times before, but there's value in the re-learning and restating of them.

Are you in?

At the moment, anyone who buys me just one coffee (think of it as chipping in for the Zoom account) is invited to join us and make it a Creative Coffee! And you'll keep receiving that invitation as long as you want to (even after I move it to my planned Patreon page for subscribers). From early 2023, we are meeting on Wednesdays at 12.30pm Paris time, over Zoom. No commitment, drop in when you can.

Hope to see you there!

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