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I'm a professional freestyle skateboarder from England.

My goal is to encourage people of all ages and skill levels to get involved with freestyle skateboarding through FreestyleTricktips. This is going to involve a lot of long nights of writing, video editing and coding, so every coffee you pay for helps keep new content coming through to the Youtube channel and website. Thanks!

Lord Bob
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Because you really need more coffee.

Thanks, Bob. You have no idea how true that is this week! 💤 

Erik (EF-it Freestyle)
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Happy Father's day to the Father of Freestyle Trick Tips! Thank you for creating such a valuable resource and for guiding us newbies through everything freestyle related. Not only teaching us the tricks but pushing us to perfect them. Your vast knowledge about tricks and skateboards/skateboard products in general has been a blessing. I hope this keeps you fueled up for future tips! Thanks Tony! Have a great day. 

Oh, man. That's a really nice comment. Thanks, Erik - that made my day.

Michael Boltz
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Man THANK YOU. You should call this retired old mans refresher course lol Bloody magical. Seriously. Yoyo sent me this link. I am a Canadian living Wasaga Beach Ontario. Just getting back in to skating to help my snowboarding. Thank you for your hard work. CHEERS!!! PLEASE!!! KEEP [email protected]@@ YOU ROCK!!!

Thanks for the support, mate. Always stoked to hear about people getting back on a board - that's precisely why I started doing these things. I've been a little busy lately, but don't worry - I'm not planning on stopping the project any time soon. More videos coming!

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thank you for your commitment. it would be great if you made more simple trick videos.

Thanks, mate. Appreciate the support. Drop me a comment if there's anything particular you want help with!

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Thanks for taking the time to do this

No worries, mate. Hopefully they'll keep coming for a long time yet!