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Hey 👋 Glad to have you!  I love good product design and all things agile to turn ideas into things.  Thank you for supporting me to continue my exploration towards a more collaborative, and more fun way to work!

The agile learning lab

My pleasure in life is thinking agile and trying experiments to make work more productive and more fun.

The agile learning lab is a safe space where you can try out new things based on research in the field of psychology, human behavior, games, and the technical domain of software development.  Whether your new to the industry or experienced, let's build something, together. 

Wanna play? Let's do this!

The product place

What makes a good, valuable product?   This is the question we explore in this space and do occasional product tear-downs - an in-depth look at a products we love to analyse what made it successful and what could be better.

Read the reviews with insights to learn about product design.

The gamer's lounge

We explore Game Master-less narrative based games and how game mechanics in a distributed leadership space can be used in the workplace. 

We try out new collaborative story telling games and critically think about what makes them fun in regular game reviews. 

Please visit to get to know more about how I can help you turn your ideas into a productive and fun enterprise.