Buy Fun Frugal Free | Cat Cowan a pizza


Hey 👋 frugal QUEENS and KINGS!

I'm Cat, and thank you for being here! I appreciate your endless love and support. And I am so excited to continue my personal finance journey with you as I start my next chapter in Hawaii. God bless, babes!

If you are interested, you can now buy me a $5 pizza! Honestly, you have no obligation to. This money doesn't go towards anything else besides small treats. And I'd love to use some of these funds to give back to the community and treat someone to a $5 coffee or pizza as well! If you do want to spread some love, then you are the bees kness.

Some people eat to live. But I live to eat. And I have absolutely no shame. The real question is though... do you prefer pineapple on your pizza???