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I'm just a comedian that likes weird news and I delivery it 5 days/week on the Weird AF News podcast. Listen here:
Rubi bought 5 coffees.

Hey Jonesy, I’ve been a listener for about two years. I never get tired of listening to Weird AF news. It was my most played podcast last year and I’m sure you’ll be right there this year. Keep being awesome and thank you for being my #1 source for Weird News. Love from NYC! ❤️ 

Holly bought 5 coffees.

Quite a new fan to the show and heard that you can buy a coffee for your daily podcast needs. Listening to Florida Fridays, I’m not sure if it is inspiring me to visit Florida or to never go there at all but regardless, great listen before going to bed.  Can’t wait for more Weird AF News the world creates for you to share from your closet.

Rachel bought a coffee.

Hey Jonesy, I've been listening to you for a few months after I listen to NPR. I finally googled you. You're more attractive then your voice led me to believe. Keep up the great work!

Andy W.
Andy W. bought 3 coffees.

Keep it up Jonsey. I listen every morning on google before work and sparks funny AF conversations for the day. Florida Friday definitely makes Californians look alot less insane.😂 😂 Keep it up man. 

Elise bought a coffee.

NEVER quit sharing Florida Fridays. After living in Jacksonville for 5 years, these stories make me realize I am not the cray one! Take care Jonesy