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Oh man, a HUGE thank you from your Belgian neighbors for the recipe tip the other day. That was exactly the taste my wife was looking for, you definitely made our day!! ☺️ It was as if we were back in the National Museum canteen after a loooong visit. Such good memories! Thanks again! 

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Thanks again from Belgium---you definiteley help us find back the tastes we enjoyed so much while in Seoul! 😋  Quick question: my wife love the basic udong noodles you get in every small venue, like the National Museum canteen, the Bus Terminal, everywhere. The broth has this distinct but simple taste I can't seem te recreate at home. Could you tell me what could possibly be in it? Thanks again for your recipes!!

Helllooo Stephanie! Thank you for the gracious tip!! You're overdue for a trip. Once 2020 passes and travel restrictions start to lift, you'll have to come back for another food trip heh. As for the udon, I think it starts with anchovy-kelp broth, handful of Japanese bonito flakes, 3-4 Tablespoons of soy sauce, a teaspoon of minced garlic, and of course - since its street style - a pinch of MSG. That should get you in the ballpark ;-)