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Daniel and Katie are on a mission to help homecooks from around the world learn how to master Korean cooking. They introduce new video recipes every week.

If you've been cooking along with us over the years, consider buying us a coffee! 

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Jenny bought 2 coffees.

Thank you Daniel and Katie! Love your simple to follow and oh so delicious recipes. Officially turning our kitchen korean 👏😁

Ray from New Zealand
Ray from New Zealand bought a coffee.
Allecram bought a coffee.

Thank you for the Kyochon recipe! Your neighbor from Indonesia tried it from a 3x3 rented room 😁 it is so yummy ☺️  

Allecram! I know EXACTLY the feeling of cooking in a tiny room - heh, we did it for 3 years! Let the walls infuse with the delicious aromas of your cooking 😉 😄 🙈 Glad you tried the Kyochon Chicken!

Michelle Fall bought 5 coffees.

You have inspired me to try new foods and learn Hangul. I turn 40 this year and it's about time for new adventures! Your channel is fantastic and I appreciate the effort you put into everything.

Michelle! Such a generous gesture - thank you so much!! Im so happy that you are making your own fun! Cooking is too much fun - lately, ive been dipping my feet into baking as well. Never too late for a side-adventure :)

Kiyomi bought 5 coffees.

Hi Daniel!  My friend and I love your recipes and videos!! Like others have said, they are fun, energetic, practical, easy to follow, and DELISH!!!   We realized that we love eating Korean food after or while we watch all our kdramas! Heheh  Thank you!  We appreciate you both!  Stay safe and well!

Kiyomi! Thank you so much for the generous cofffees :) Im glad that you and your friends are cooking along with us! What K-drama are you guys watching lately? I will have to see if KT is on the same one! 😝