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Future Neighbor

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Daniel and Katie are on a mission to help homecooks from around the world learn how to master Korean cooking. They introduce new video recipes every week.

If you've been cooking along with us over the years, consider buying us a coffee! 

The caffeine gives us that extra umph to produce new recipes every week.

Thank you in advance for the amazing support Neighbor!

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Someone bought Future Neighbor 3 coffees.

Thank you for the coffees! Feel'n the love this morning :) 😝 😝 😝 

Someone bought Future Neighbor a coffee.

Thank you so much for the tip! (Anonymous too - curious to know who it is 😅) Regardless, much love to your from Seoul 😘

Pickle George bought Future Neighbor 5 coffees.

Congratulations Katie and Daniel! 

Wow - thank you George!! We really appreciate the message and the support :) 😝 😝 

hhickl bought Future Neighbor 3 coffees.

Thank you for superrrr yummmm recipes!!! We really enjoy them, warm regards from England, take care you all xxx

Woah - thank you so much!! Would love to visit England in the near future - see what's available in the local supermarkets there - as well as a food tour. Anyhow, have a blessed day! 😍 

Liliosa Castle bought Future Neighbor 3 coffees.

Daniel & Katie, I'm having a lot of fun watching your videos and trying out the recipes. They're really entertaining and easy to follow. You guys are pure sunshine and I'm so glad I found your channel! I've just ordered a pair of cooking chopsticks so soon I'll feel extra professional. By the time I get to Korea I think I'm going to have tried everything already. ^^ Thanks so much!

Hi Liliosa! I'm so happy that you're enjoying the videos. Yes, by the time you visit, I think you'll recognize lot of the photos you see on the menu. Try out some of the more exotic menus, and try cooking the basic ones at home! We'll help you along 😄 Thanks again for the generous tip!!

Someone bought Future Neighbor 3 coffees.

Thanks for posting the outdoor concert. I was on the fence about spending £40 to see Jay Park in London this week. Those back up dancers would annoy me so I will save the money and thank you with coffee. 

This is hilarious! Haha I'm curious what bothered you about the back up dancers?! Anyhow, we thank you for the tip today and wish you the best from Seoul! Much love to you 😆

Sarah Henderson bought Future Neighbor 5 coffees.

I’ve been stalking your Instagram and following along with recipes when I have time and I just saw this!!!!! 👇🏼👇🏼 Have a nice coffee and thank you for everything you guys do for us!!! 😍 👍 maybe your guys can one day make a “food itinerary” in different cities for first time travelers!! Where to go and what to eat :)))) xoxo 

Woaaahh - Sarah! Thanks so much for the coffees today :) We feel blessed to have you as a neighbor! 🤠🤗 Also thank you for the suggestion - i think we will have to work on a food itienrary like that for cities outside of Seoul (maybe Busan?). We have a matjib guide that we sell on our site for Seoul. Anyhow, we wish you a great weekend and thanks for the message !!!!

Rebekah bought Future Neighbor 5 coffees.

I found you on YouTube! Your recipes are so delicious and presented in a way that I can easily make and understand. My husband is Korean and he says everything tastes just like home! ☺️ Thank you so much!!

Rebekah! A warm welcome to the Neighborhood!! 🏘 Thank you for the support and excited to cook alongside with you. Send us pics on IG next time around :) Much love to you from Seoul!! 😘 

Elise bought Future Neighbor 5 coffees.

I love your channel and your recipes. Please make a cookbook if you can!

Amazing Elise! Thank you for your generosity!! We have a concept in mind, tying "lost-in-culture" memories of growing up in US/UK with specific Korean dishes. Hopefully we can get one published in 2020 :) Thank you again!!

Julie Mathis Williams bought Future Neighbor 3 coffees.

Three coffees.  For your (Dan-yul’s) Mom, Dad, and Grandma.  😀

Julie!! Thank you so much!! So happy for the coffee - today we work with extra enerrgy! Much love to you from Seoul 😍