So here we are.
Me doing Fuzzy things and you supporting by purchasing me a coffee.
Grab a chair and let's have a conversation.
As you know or maybe don't know I run a website called FuzzTalkRadio. FTR is an online radio station that runs 24 hours 7 days a week featuring local music and live shows. It is a self funded station with no ad revenue. I believe that if people like the product they will support by purchasing merch. Which you can do at
I also live stream on at times.
Through you can watch me play video games, give life advice and try to cook stuff. Just to warn ya, I'm not the best at any of it and sometimes shit gets pretty boring.
I've funded these ventures all through working at different 9-5 jobs in retail, customer service on the phones, IT support and other soul sucking "careers". I also, went to college to get one of those "awesome real jobs" and still am paying off my student debt... 15 years later.
Not like I didn't try. I did. I put on suits. I put on fake smiles. I did a lot & worked very hard. However, none of it seemed to pay off.
So, I decided to say to hell with all of it.
I'm done for now.
I want to live my life & not worry anymore about the "real jobs".
How do I obtain this?
Hopefully by me being me & you enjoying whatever comes of this.
Let's live life & be happy together.
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