This is the beginning.
The beginning of what?
Hopefully the beginning of a beautiful relationship.
That's what they all say right?
Well, I truly hope this posting to a blogspace is helpful for me in the least.
What else do they say?
In the first post I think what they state is what to expect from the blog.
So, let's start from there.
What is this blog about? What should you expect?
Honestly, I don't know what you should expect.
First off it's probably going to be boring.
I'm not going to sit here and tell you that I live the most fantastic, adventurous life and I know I'm not going to pretend that I live that life. With that point being made, this probably will be the best spot to find the real Fuzz if you will.
On FB, Twitter & most other social medias everyone tends to put on a bit of a mask. It's not their real self. For the most part people are acting on social media for the parents, the radicals, the government and whatever, family members, friends, enemies and more.
Here I take off the masks & show you the full true version of Fuzz.
Well.. umm.. actually I'm not going to lie...
There will still be some masks on... for protection ya know?
Shit I mean we are on the Internet for god sake.
The place you should should wear masks the most. I digress.
So yeah...
This is a blog first and foremost.
You know what blogs consist of. I'm not sure why I'm trying to explain THAT to you.
What a start...
Told ya. This shit isn't going to be pretty.
Oh I mean boring this is going to be boring and probably not pretty.
Time to drink a coffee & go for a walk I think.
Maybe I will post again today.
Maybe not.
We will see.
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