It's time for my upcoming plans for October!! Weh, September has been one hell of a month because I have to work on my school assignments nonstop and not to mention the rising local COVID19 cases, sigh o|-<

Anyway, here are my upcoming plans for October:

  • Opening a notif-only Discord server for my followers to stay updated with my stuff. I figured that I need to find a way around to beat the social media algorithm bcos everyday it gets trickier to get noticed especially on Instagram and Twitter.

  • Finish my remaining zine works and school stuff. I figured this month until early November will be even busier for me because of school, but once I get over with all the school stuff, hopefully, I can open commissions by mid-November.

  • Start posting my exclusive posts here. I want to start by dumping my OC story ideas/fanfic ideas here since I don't like to dump them on Twitter. You can read this by signing up for my BMC membership for as low as $2 per month!

I wish I can add more than one goals here, because I've got two goals in mind which I want to realize it by mid-next year: save up for a cutting machine (preferably Silhouette over Cricut) first, then for a PC build (I already have a keyboard so all I needed next are a decent monitor and CPU that can run Adobe software/Unity/Blender more efficiently.

Also to those who bought my stuff from Teepublic: thank you so much!! It's isn't much, but I hope I can earn enough to be able to withdraw my money.

Now here's to hope I can earn more while I'm busy with school :')