Hiya! I feel like it's necessary for me to write this down because I've been contemplating about it for sometime after my mom brought it up a few days ago.

If you haven't heard, TLDR: Brunei recently hit the 2nd wave of COVID19 earlier this month, everything went back to lockdown mode. Which led my family having to discuss on how to deal with our finances.

I'm being told that by next year, there will be a big event involving my sister, and because of that she has to be on a budget right now and cannot fully commit to support my family's financial needs. She's mostly in charge of paying for groceries, cat food, home+car maintenance and wifi. Furthermore, chances are, after that event, she will be moving out which means she will no longer be the breadwinner of the house.

I want to help her ease her burden by helping on paying for wifi bills and cat food, while my brother is still out there job hunting. But here is the catch: I'm currently studying and I have no chances of taking a part time job because of COVID and school. Opening commissions are not an option because of school (again) and other art commitments.

But I've been thinking: since I'm using the wifi a lot to attend online classes, I also wanted to try streaming some art and games during my free time. And because I cannot open commissions for the time being, I will promote my PoD (print on demand) stores and this account.

Also to add: while this part is entirely optional, since my birthday is coming soon (September 19), I figured that I should (shamelessly) promote my wishlist, and here are the things I'm eyeing for at the moment:
- Fire Emblem Fates (If) Visual Setting: Pellucid Crystal
- Kara no Kyoukai (The Garden of Sinners) Complete Artbook + Mirai Fukuin extra chorus
- The Art of The Great Ace Attorney: Adventures
- The Art of The Great Ace Attorney 2: Resolve

To be frank, I can buy these artbooks anytime, but if you are interested in gifting me, you are more than welcome to do so. Just uhhh, DM me on my Twitter/Discord/IG if you plan to, and give me a hint on what you plan to gift me so that I don't accidentally get the same item as a gift for my birthday.

TLDR: since the second wave of COVID began, things have been quite slow but financially busy, so if you love my work and are interested in supporting me: buy my merch, subscribe to my membership plans or leave me a tip. Plus, since my birthday is coming soon, you're more than welcome to gift me either of the books above.

Here is where you can buy my merch and zines:
- Redbubble (prints)
- Teepublic (badges, shirts and stickers)
- itch.io (zines)
- Buymeacoffee (at the extras tab, you can find my zines there too)

Anyways, if you've been reading through this from the beginning of this post, I thank you very much for your attention and support. Every support is greatly appreciated.

Well, that should be it for now. Until my next post. Take care and stay safe!