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Hey, i´m Florian! A web-developer from Lübeck, Germany. I love to create projects for the PHP or especially Laravel community such as Laramap.

Hey! ​

​My name is florian and i´m a software-engineer from germany. ​I worked a long time as a freelancer for a various kind of clients all over europe and was lead-developer at the biggest and fastest growing ecommerce startup in europe called ​ABOUT YOU. ​

During this time, i was ever working on open source projects like or ​

These projects are basically just maps, where everyone can sign up and put them self on a map. ​ ​But i think it´s more than just a map.

It´s a community of developers that want to connect to other developers in their areas. ​ ​Laramap is becoming a huge relaunch very soon. With tons of features, you will all love!