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I do art! I take commissions, work at a pet shop and am overall passionate about animals!

Hi! I am Poi. (Pronounced like Koi but with a P)

I am a artist! I try out all different kinds of forms including traditional, painting, and digital! I am always looking for new ways to draw or create!    

As passionate as I am about art, I also love animals! I work a pet shop and hope to eventually start my own business! More specifically I would love to start up an adoption-shop! 

That is for the future.. For now as an Artist I would love to bring content to the crowds for free, but I need something to keep food on the table and put away into savings (since the pet shop I work at isn't the best source of pay). 
I would greatly appreciate it if you would contribute - but still.. thank you for stopping to view the page! Thanks you beautiful person!