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Support us, Amazing Design People List (ADPList) by donating any amount you like. 100% of this fund goes into helping designers worldwide land jobs. Maintaining the product and doing publicity to create visibility for the community. 

On world - Post-COVID19, the funds will be donated to West Africa's Ghana, to help their education system and small entrepreneurs. 

On environment - Post-Covid19, for every mentor, we will donate a dollar to plant a tree to fight climate change too.

Isabelle Tjokrosetio
Isabelle Tjokrosetio bought 3 coffees.

I got to meet some amazing people and mentors through ADPlist. I even got some job offers! I am indebted to this community.

Felix Josemon
Felix Josemon bought 5 coffees.

Great work Felix & James! Would love to chat with you sometime.

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robertcrenteria bought a coffee.

Great job!

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This is the start of something better!