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Hi all! 

My name is Gabriela. I emigrated from Peru to Australia in 2017. Ever since I have been studying to become a doctor in Australia. This is a long and challenging journey, but worthy nevertheless.

I started my journey towards becoming a doctor when I was living in Peru, where I managed to study 3 years towards a 6-year bachelor of medicine and surgery. However, I had to emigrate to Australia due to reasons that were out of my control. 

Although I have left my studies inconclusive, the passion is still alive within me, and my dream of becoming a doctor still motivates me and inspires me to pursue this endeavour.

I believe that keeping your passion alive is instrumental to keep us engaged and excited about our lives and dreams, and that is exactly what I’m trying to do through this platform: sharing my passion and experience with others, to help them keep their dreams and passions alive.

Hope your day goes absolutely fantastic! 

Much love, 

Gabriela 💕