Buy Gabriel DiLaurentis a coffee


I'm terrible at presenting myself so here is me trying.

As pictured in the cover image above I am a creative mess, with a capital "c". More often than not I am a mess, but I'm also creative, so I decided the combine the two and come up with something worth dedicating my life's work for. For the longest time ever it was my dream to become a content creator and despite my best efforts I was unable to forge a path into making that a reality.

Over the past few months small, but (for someone with severe anxiety, panic, and depression) quite significant, progress has been made and I'm more than ever ready to break through the limits that have been weighing over my shoulder for as long as I could remember. I am ready to shine. I am ready to let the world see me, I have waited long enough.

It's likely that you're here from my twitter page or my live stream (which, again, has only been advertised on twitter) and for that I am grateful. This page has been created to ensure that my lifelong dreams come true.

I am Gabe, or Gabriel. I am 31 years old but very much feel like a 20 year old just starting to discover the world around him. I was born in the former soviet union country of Moldova with a double citizenship (Romania) and for the last five years I have lived, loved, and worked in the United States, for a brief time in California, Connecticut, Indiana and now in Las Vegas, Nevada.

For the last few years I have been extremely fortunate to dedicate my time to something that to me is more than just a job, it's a calling, my calling. I have been a fantastic front desk associate for a Hyatt Place in Indianapolis and then the Hyatt Place in Las Vegas until the pandemic struck in early 2020. Since then we've been forced to reinvent our whole routines. For the past few months me and best friend, my consiglieri, my partner in crime Pablo have both invested in video/audio equipment in hopes to both become live streamers: me in politics, social issues, human interest pieces, and in time start an online radio station as I have been told I have great taste in music. Please refer to this playlist for samples of potential songs to be played on the future radio station.

While I am very much invested in returning to the hotel business once things improve significantly I'd love to have your support in achieving the following:

    become a full time live streamer and be consistent

    launch an online radio station (costs completely to be covered out of my paycheck)

    assemble a team of DJs and other Radio team members

    assist my best friend Cristina in covering parts of her school costs (she will be starting Coding Boot Camp in Chicago, classes will be taking place online)

    transition from hospitality to running my online radio station full time

Should you ever change your mind refunds are always available. No one should feel forced to show their support for someone they don't agree with even if things seemed different at the beginning. 

If you have suggestions on how I can improve this page or if it should include additional information please reach out to me via Twitter. I would love to hear from you.