Buy Gabriel (Gabe) DiLaurentis a coffee



if you're here you might be considering lending your support and I think it would be fair to know what you are lending your support for.

For one, my main focus is on the radio project called Radio Signify and making sure the repertoire continues to expand, the service fee is covered to keep it on air and schedule broadcasts that you and others can tune into while doing errands, cooking a meal for your family or driving home after a long hard day at work.

Two, I want to expand my own media universe, when it is too much to speak writing can be an impeccable option. I want to be able to write more and it helps immensely when feedback is provided that I could reply to and start conversations. It helps more than you know.

Three, I want to be able to create more video content, I wanna find the motivation and the time to put my creativity into. A year ago I wasn't able to watch anything I would make, I've worked hard to get over that and now I don't think they're even that bad anymore.

Four, in light of recent events, it might help with covering medical bills recently incurred during a visit at the dentist's office.

Five, it could also help with ever rising rent. All the Californians moving to Nevada is driving up the rent. We're a few months away from renewing the lease and a rise in rent will most definitely happen. It happened in the first year of the pandemic, it happened in the second and most likely will happen in the third as well.

Six, in addition to rent it might help to cover utilities and other bills and making sure there is enough left for food and gas.

More reasons and applications will be added as I perfect this page and these projects (Radio Signify, my soul project, my everything; Gabe's Blog (for short); and Gabriel DiLaurentis YouTube page). Regardless of outcome I wanna say thank you.