Desperate times call for creative measures.

A few days ago my car broke down and I was told the engine is shot. I don't hold much hope to replace it so I'm gonna do what I can to save and get a new car. I am at a loss for words but trying to do something to improve the situation is better than crying in my bed. So I'm finally gonna do what I've wanted to do for a while but was too scared and traumatized to do, I'm gonna put myself out there and tutor a few people on how to use their phones as webcams free of charge and if it is valuable to them in any way they can submit a tip through this page or directly to my venmo account at @Gabriel-DiLaurentis.

This a sample of anyone could do, in these times it might be necessary as too many of us are staying quiet. This is a multicam setup using an old iPhone 8 Pro, a new S21 Ultra and a Sony ZV1 that I would happily sell should there be any buyers.

If you have questions reach out to me via my twitter page