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Maybe I'm wrong here, I can't have a coffee, not even a hot chocolate, due to an histamine intolerance since 2021, but if you are adult and want to tip me just once, or support me for a longer time, you are at the right place.

Beware that you don't purchase anything here, you are just supporting an old guy, disabled, in pains and broke, making his miserable life better.

This is not a lair, here will be no works posted, only the actual passwords. All works will be available in the 'secret lair' that hopefully will be improved soon.


Dear reader,

 I'm a creator of mainly Kim Possible and friends parody comics, pictures and short animations, just like landscape & nature photography in 4k format. I'm not a pencil artist and wouldn't even consider myself an artist. All my work is free, because the characters I use are copyrighted. So you're not buying anything from me, but you're supporting me and probably prolonging my life, and you'd get my latest creations a little sooner. The work files and works are all I can give.

 If you don't want to support me, but just want to get the latest stuff, just be patient, sooner or later everything (2k works) will be available for free in my 'secret lair' or on the usual rule 34 sites. You are not a leecher and want to support me? Then you are welcome.

 Born in 1960 I've been living in pain since 2001 with severe spinal problems and some other problems and without any income since 2006. Lying in bed for about 20 hours a day, my best friends are the pain killers. Incompetent doctors and lawyers didn't help me, the social insurance was quite unsocial and refused me a pension for reduced earning capacity, I tried to get it several times and also in court without success.

 I had to sell my small house with an immense loss. For several years I lived in filthy, cheap hotels and guesthouses, and now I'm a lodger in an old house, which is cheaper and much cleaner than the hotel, but not the quiet place I'm longing for, it's temporarily quite noisy here and especially in winter it stinks. I'm not sure how long I'll be living here, but if I could find a really quiet place that I could afford, I'd move there in a heartbeat. Anywhere. So I keep looking for a place to stay, which takes up a lot of my daily time.

 My supporters keep me alive, they make my living and I appreciate their help immensely. If you support me, my sorrows would be a little less and my motivation would return more often, but I can't make any promises. At the moment I can only work very, very slowly. It takes me several days to finish a single image, and months to finish a comic page.  

My time to work in a day is limited to about two or three hours on good days, sometimes I can't work at all. Please note that this is not a daily supply of images.

 Some like to call me the slowest creator on the World Wide Web. That's not intentional, I just can't help it. Some days I get the bear, most other days the bear gets me. I can only give you my work as a favored viewer, before I would put it in my lair some time later and give it a virtual bear hug.

 There are too many projects active at the moment, so please understand that I can't do any commissions. If you can't donate anything, you can help me in other ways. Like adding the right tags when you post my work somewhere. Any advertising for me is also a big help. But please don't post any of my works in original size! Reduce the size of each file to 720p height maximum and post new comic pages NOT BEFORE they are available in my secret lair (after at least one month of time) and not larger than 1920p in width!

Please and thank you.

Best regards, always take care of yourself, but have fun and stay healthy!


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