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Updated: Eco Lifestlye Interactions Fixe ...

Updated: Eco Lifestlye Interactions Fixes (5 July 2020)

Jul 06, 2020

I've uploaded an updated version of my Eco Lifestyle Interactions Fixes mod, which was made to address some of the issues people have reported with the Eco Lifestyle Expansion Pack.

The main changes added on 5 July 2020 include:

  • Additional item types have been disallowed from being stolen from non-residential lots, including musical instruments, TVs and computers.

  • Items can no longer be stolen from apartment lobbies – this could break the lot if the trash chute was stolen by sims with the Recycle Disciple trait.

  • Homework books can no longer be stolen – I had a whole bunch of sims watching my university student doing their homework and trying to steal the homework book while they were using it!

  • Added new fixes for four additional bugs reported from the official bug forum related to sims spamming certain actions too much while under the influence of various NAPs, including baking white cakes, giving fake bad news, fighting everybody and brewing herbalism potions.

I'd like to thank everybody who has recently bought me coffees for their support! I really appreciate it ☕

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