Hi, welcome to this new project.

I just started a pasionate reading H. P. Lovecraft, because you know, wondering in the infinity posibilites of eternal space while looking at the abbys is something some of us do. (LUL)

So I was on it until I had this horrendous idea...

WHAT IF I DRAW THIS... ABOMINATIONS? cuz yeah, we tend to have a lack of visual references in regard of things we can not describe that well with words.

This will be a limited 13 cards, that will be based on the first 13 sotires of Lovecraft I read.
Will there be a Cthulhu? I don't know. Wil there be the most famous illustrations we already know? I hope not.

I'll do my best with this. But, I can not do it only by myself with my 3 jobs. I want your support and sugestions. "For what?" you might ask (maybe not).

I have never used this platform, and I barely know how to thank you in case you decide to support this project. So feel free to reach out to me and sugest any ideas to give you a propper thanks.

Sincerely yours, Gallo. Eternal visual artist and your new blood in the Cthulhu mithos.