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Hello world! 

We at GameDevArea have started an independent initiative to support game developers in our region. Our main project is Game Access, a conference for game developers that connects thousands of professionals from all around the world under one roof.

We are a small team, yet we take pride in working on huge projects that are challenging, but never impossible. Together we have been overcoming obstacles that would make many others give up. Every year we are pushing our boundaries to deliver the best experience imaginable to our guests. What we are creating every year is not only unforgettable to our attendees, but also to us - when we see the project that we are so passionate about come to life it is the best reward we can dream of.

But as we all know, there are not only good times. Sometimes we need to pull through harsh situations. In times like these, we can only count on our friends, who can extend a helping hand in recognition of our work. An amazing community that stands united with us is our biggest victory.

Do you want to join us on our mission to save Game Access?