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🎉GDLedu Launch!🎉

We're currently launching GDLedu, a Community Education initiative which is a program intended to provide both aspiring and veteran game developers with low-cost classes that build, refresh, or expand skillsets used throughout game development, from 3D modelling to score writing.

GDLedu’s objective is to help aspiring game developers gain access to more professional opportunities in game dev, and assist veteran devs in elevating their careers and obtaining greater opportunities for promotion or new roles, either at their current employer or in the wider games community.

For more information check out our website:

September - November 2022:
For all available courses and to book your place, see our Eventbrite!


Game Dev London is the UK's fasting growing network of game developers, providing access and opportunities for those pursuing a career in game development.

We want to bring knowledge to the games industry wherever it can be found, so whether that's via our interviews with game dev veterans, via our podcasts exploring all facets of game design, or via our Game Dev Lunch meet up events where everyone gets to know each other face-to-face, we are helping to bring the UK games industry together.

We also provide a ton of community-driven resources available to help you get started! Check out our podcast, live events, meet-ups, game jams, and more:

Our whole platform is currently voluntary, so if you enjoy what we do and would like to see us to do more, please consider buying us a coffee!

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