Buy Gameschool Academy a new microphone!



Currently, I am saving to buy a dedicated microphone (and maybe an assistant to whack me on the head when I attempt to record a vertical video. Just kidding. Mostly.)

I've been borrowing a microphone and would really like to have my own. Your gift will help me buy a brand-new, all-my-own, microphone! My goal is to raise $100!

*screenshot is an outtake from the Gameschooling for Noobs Virtual Workshop. Yes, yes there is a blooper reel.*

Caryn Paradise
Caryn Paradise bought a new microphone!.

I cannot thank you enough! THANK YOU!

Sarah bought 5 new microphone!s.

I'm a new homeschooler/gameschooler and aspiring to raise anti-racist white boys. I have found so much inspiration from your site and FB group, and am even more impressed with your response to the recent discussion about diversity. Thank you!

PenEnPion bought a new microphone!.

Hi, always inspiring for me here in The Netherlands. Thnx! 

Alexandra Noyes
Alexandra Noyes bought a new microphone!.
Julie bought 5 new microphone!s.

You may have turned me into a monster, but a monster of the best kind!

Monsters are my favorite 🐉