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Hello Friends! I hope you love the articles, projects, and recipes I've been sharing on Garden Therapy since 2009. I need lots of plants to keep it all going and I would love your support. Thank you for anything you can share to keep the Garden Therapy flowing!
Nancy Joan Peters bought 5 plants.

a coffee a day keeps the blues away (especially during our Virus crisis)

Thank you so much, Nancy. It sure does!

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I am so happy I found you I am sending your website to my daughter also.  Thank you 

Thank you so much, Linda!

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Thanks for all you are doing to educate us on the healing powers of plants!

It's my pleasure. Thank you for the coffee, Kelley!

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Just built three 4 x 8 raised beds out of sustainably harvested Juniper and was looking for planting guidance.  You have helped me with some great ideas.  Enjoy your coffee!

Thank you so much! I'm glad you found the info you needed to get growing this year. ❤️