Matthew 17:16

The followers of Jesus Christ could not cure the suffering that a man’s son was experiencing. Someone brought a problem to the followers of Jesus. Brought it to church. But the people of Jesus could not provide a solution. They had to bring it to Jesus as a community to resolve the problem.

The inability of Jesus’ disciples to solve an issue is not meant to criticize the church. Instead it’s meant to highlight how as a church community we are always meant to bring matters to Jesus. We as individuals alone cannot cure anything. It is always Jesus working through all of us as a church family that can bring about God’s will.

We must never rely on just one church member to be the problem solver. No human can truly solve anything. It is always with God that things are rightly ordered. Jesus can work through any and all of us but we must never take it upon ourselves to be the source of change. Only when we all come together and present ourselves to Jesus with our petitions can a cure occur.

Are we depending so much on only one individual to solve an issue? Is it someone we look up to or maybe ourselves? Are we then wondering why they or we cannot get a solution? Let us work with other disciples to pray to God for an answer. Let’s keep our focus on Jesus. Let us come together as a faith community and be able to move mountains of problems.