Matthew 18:21

Peter approached Jesus to ask about forgiveness. Someone had wronged Peter and he wanted Jesus to guide him on what to do. We also must approach Jesus to guide us on how to handle our enemies. The only response for Peter and for us will always be the same: forgive.

We can pray to Jesus about how others are harming us. We can rant about the pain we are experiencing because of it. But if we are open to listen we will hear that Jesus is calling us to forgive them. And not only do it out of obligation but evolve into forgiving out of love.

For God forgives all our sins not because God has to but because God lovingly wills it. When we consider how we have harmed God and God’s creation then it can humble us as we approach others. We should reflect the mercy God has shown us so we can bring God to others instead of presenting our retaliation.

How can others know God if we don’t show them how merciful God is? Let us forgive those who trespass against us like God forgives our trespasses. We can bring God into any and all conflicts and have God’s will done. In doing so we can have God’s kingdom come on Earth as it is in Heaven.